Friday, December 28, 2007

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“DVDs for passing the time”
This shows that on the long exhausting road games the bring movies to watch games to play on their game consoles. Traveling for their games fourth Yukon doesn’t enjoy all they do is sleep in the car or the airplane. It atrocious, repulsive long trip when they finally show up at the school to sleep there, everyone collapses and sleeps.
This quotes implications is that? Traveling for these kids are hard boring and dreadful also it cost lost for transportation of the long distance they travel. “The scorekeeper spit on Jeremy’’
Sometimes Alaskan basketball games can get out of hands. This is another reason why Eskimos and Indians don’t get along. That basketball game when fort Yukon beat anaktuvuk. It made the Eskimos made so when the boys were sleeping the town kids threw snowballs at them so they couldn’t sleep. This quote significance tells me this basketball game is like a war between these villages whoever wins is on top of the other village. That is what these basketball games mean to them sometimes.
“ Buzzer beater by Jeremy “
When Jeremy hit that buzzer the team was happy that they won on the road. Jeremy was glad he can do he’ s part for the team because that win they were tortured for day’s that game was very un- pleasant for fort Yukon. They were spit on .got snowballs thrown at them. This quote meaning is important because the little win a team have can be destroyed by hate and envy of the other teams lose.

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