Thursday, November 29, 2007

debating 101

by ahmed farah
• Classic debate
• Comedy debate
• Impromptu debate
• Lincoln-Douglas debate
• Parliamentary debate
• Policy debate
• Public debate
• Public forum debate
• Socratic method
• Spontaneous argument

1) Debates occurs in TV’s, courtrooms, every else you can imagine in your house it happens daily. You might not even know you’re arguing debate requires research and writing skills.
2) Supporters of election debates say they allow voters to gain insight into the policies, positions and personalities of the party leaders. They are a valuable source of information for voters, allowing parties to present and defend their key policies during prime-time television.

Others dismiss debates as politically meaningless. They say debates offer little enlightenment for the viewer, with each leader simply stating rehearsed strengths and repeating policy slogans, with an emphasis on performance rather than policy. They also question whether viewers are likely to make serious political decisions based on a debate.
3) Yes only if your debate has only fact good information and a backup summary of your debate. For an argument to be effective, it must be structured. Debate relies on a structure that places two teams on opposite sides of a resolution, or policy statement,
4) Case insensitive operations are sometimes said to fold case, from the idea of folding the character code table so that upper and lower case letters coincide. The alternative smash case is more likely to be used by someone who considers this behavior a disfeature or in cases where one
5) even more than in real life, getting the Last Word in a debate is crucial, as it is the only proof of your argumentative success over competing editors. The following is a useful collection of suggestions on why and how to obtain your right to have the Last Word, however tenaciously your opponent may be trying to rob you of your privilege. Getting the last word means that you win the debate. It also shows your moral superiority, and willingness to stand your ground. This should convince your opponent that you are correct.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

post b part 2

‘’we’ve never gotten along,’’ ‘’ Paul says of the Indian and the Eskimos.
The author is describing the tension between Indian and the Eskimos. The differences is
Their difference lies in the land they inhabit. Other than that, both are from the mongoloid races of Asia where they expanded their exploration into this continent when the Bering Straight was still above water, ages ago.
A prevailing view in North American anthropology is that Eskimos are descendants of the most recent migrants from Siberia and are more closely related to Asiatic Mongoloids than to Indians. The assumption of Eskimo-Indian biological distinctiveness is challenged by genetic-marker and cranial data, analyzed separately and then compared, for populations from the Arctic, Sub arctic, Northwest Coast, and Great Plains.
Put another star on the flag, make Iraq the fifty first state and start sucking oil out and ‘’under their sand like they’ve done it with us from under our snow?’‘The way he sees it, big corporation are making money from their pipelines and taking their oil and making money out of it. The Indians don’t get anything in return, they use their land and mess it up kill animal’s that live in the nearby area and all habitats that live in Alaska. The also criticized bush decision to go to war in Iraq. they also get money every year from the ANCSA a deal which that signing over the rights for oil companies to drill and build pipelines on what had been native land in return they get one billion dollars and forty million acres of wilderness.

new book post a

Diphtheria (37): febrile infectious disease caused by a specific bacillus and characterized. By the formation of false membrane in the air passages.
Unconscious (43): not aware of something.
“Used to tell them they must have done something seriously wrong to be stationed here “
This is historical irony when history is seen through modern eyes.
‘’ the black guys ‘’ the author meant the GIs taught them how to play basketball.” the mailbox money” this is historical irony the are talking about the money the Indians receive every month. For the land and the oil to be drilled here in Alaska. Also this year “Natasha would have been a starter but got pregnant and drooped out of school” this is irony of a situation is a discrepancy between the expected results and actual results when enlivened by 'perverse appropriateness'.
They worked at an air force base in fort Yukon Alaska all they did was play basketball and work. (39)
This book is very interesting and I like it very much. Deep in Alaska's bush country. The six hundred men, women and children who live there--almost all of them Athabascan Gwich'in Natives--have little to cheer for. Their traditional Indian ways of life are rapidly vanishing in the face of a modern culture that is closing in on all sides, threatening to destroy their community and their identity. This is many ways the American Indian are vanishing from their homeland and losing their culture and their way of life. But most of the glitch natives still live like their ancestors and follow their way of life.
One immerging theme is the team will round up their players and start the scrimmage and the will get new jerseys and shoes. Also their season will star and some kid’s will go on the journey but most will stay because of their grades and will not suit up.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

new book take 1

Post a.
Glutinous: several muscles of the buttocks (20)
Diaphanous: transparency or lucent (23)
‘’ He’s quick as any player bridges has ever coached’ I thing he is saying that wade fields just doesn’t care for what his coach think but his coach’s basketball program. Changed how the character viewed school so this is cosmic irony is when a higher being or force interferes in a character’s life, creating ironic settings. Also when the don’t do their homework their coach interferes also this is irony. When the book says “small hardwood floor no room for a three point line” this is imagery it sets a picture in my head.
Post b.“If it wasn’t for basketball, they wouldn’t even be going to school anymore (26) “If not for basketball this kid’s wouldn’t care they all would drop out, I think that is sad and also they have no regard’s for people older then them.’’ He found out today he’ll be taking the SAT next month’’ .for some of these kid’s want to go to college but the rest really don’t care where they go, I saw that very special and changed my point of view of this characters. Now I now that not all of them care about college, matt really want to go to college in Alaska. These kids really change their ethics when basketball season started for some the dint care but the rest do. They might want to go to college. Their aspects change tank’s to their coach Dave he rely cares about this kid's and their future.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

about my new book

The name of this book is called eagle blue and the author is Michael D'Orso.The year and the were is is Bloomsbury USA March 7, 2006.
This book is has about 256 pages it is a hardcover book.This book is hard because it is reviwed by the newyork times and this book is meant for adult readers.i chosse this book because i like basketball and i have a hard time finding book that i like. also it was introduced to me by my favorite teacher mr' hatten.also i think i will be enjoying reading this book.