Tuesday, December 11, 2007

POST A the return

Atrociously (104): extremely or shocking, wicked or cruel.
Improvisational (106): something improved, telling someone to do something
" The court was so short there was no room for a three point line"
This is imagery: is any series of words that create a picture, or sensory experience in your head. “The place was winter as snow white” this is another image in my head I can see it perfectly. “The shack was brown and warm” this is another imagery. It describes the arena their playing in looks like. Imagery is also the term used to refer to the making (or re-creation) of any experience in the mind — auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory, gustatory, kinesthetic, and organic. It is a cognitive process employed by most, if not all, humans. When thinking about a previous or upcoming event, people commonly use imagery. For example, one may ask, "What color are your living room walls?" Using imagery commonly retrieves the answer to this question. One theme emerging is that their basketball program is skyrocketing and every payer is trying hard, their coach Dave is really dedicated to this team and make ends meet. Also this image tells me what is happening and what's next also it tells the reader that how the author describes the place, he is referring to like the "basketball court". It tells that it is so short that no one could shoot a three pointer that gives my brain an image of how it looks like. I see an old building and a small court where no one can shoot period that’s what I see in my head. Another immerging theme is josh cadzow would put a shotgun in his truck for the wolves everyone is talking about.

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