Wednesday, December 12, 2007

post b take flight(part 2)

"To Dave, beyond everything else, basketball is all about tempo and pace".
The author is talking about how the coach operates. The coach said defense is the key to their Win's. This coach is respected in the community because he cares more about his player's then basketball. He always says school is number one basketball will be their for only a while that is why this quote is confident. It tells kids to be active in school more then basketball or any other curriculum. This is a very important coach who cares about his team academically and athletically.
"Six two in fort Yukon makes you a center"
Despite the height other schools have against fort Yukon. Their basketball program is on top, ranked 1 in the state 1a pool. Despite that they try hard on their desks and the hardwood,
"Traveling in the season"

While most high school teams travel by bus, the Eagles often rely on chartered planes, puddle-jumpers that are difficult to afford, given that the team's expenditures dwarf its state-appropriated budget. But the team scratches and scrimps, and the townsfolk chip in whenever they can, which is amazing, considering that the average Native Alaskan per-capital annual income hovers around $9,000.
The cost is heavily on a player to support it is hard for others as well. School Principal Doc Lantz spends $1,100 buying the team new shoes, but withholds certain players' goods until grades are brought up to par. Over the years, the graduation rate for coach Bridges' players (95 percent) easily trumps the abysmal school average (37 percent), but on a day-to-day basis, academic eligibility is a chief concern. Half of the team fails to meet weekly eligibility requirements before its first road trip, so only seven players make the 1,500-mile trip to the Gulf of Alaska for the Nenana Invitational Tournament. That is why I choose this quote it tells about the cost and the hardship it takes to put a team on the floor to play basketball.

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