Saturday, October 4, 2008

eagle eye

This weekend I watched eagle eye it was just released this weekend, I really enjoyed it, it was an action packed thriller, very great stunts lots of medium shots little dissolves. It started Shia LaBeouf as jerry Shaw who plays a twin whose brother died and now all of a sudden some one calls his phone and send’s huge amount of military good’s to his house, then the fbi detains him ask him tons of questions which he doesn’t now the answer to, then he get’s another call telling him to jump down the fbi building which he does then he rides they train. All of a sudden he get’s in this Porsche Cayman where he meet’s this girl named Rachel Holloman(Michelle monaghan).I don’t want to spoil the movie by telling you too much information all I can say is the movie is well played nice action packed drama for all audience of all age.

Friday, December 28, 2007

post b

“DVDs for passing the time”
This shows that on the long exhausting road games the bring movies to watch games to play on their game consoles. Traveling for their games fourth Yukon doesn’t enjoy all they do is sleep in the car or the airplane. It atrocious, repulsive long trip when they finally show up at the school to sleep there, everyone collapses and sleeps.
This quotes implications is that? Traveling for these kids are hard boring and dreadful also it cost lost for transportation of the long distance they travel. “The scorekeeper spit on Jeremy’’
Sometimes Alaskan basketball games can get out of hands. This is another reason why Eskimos and Indians don’t get along. That basketball game when fort Yukon beat anaktuvuk. It made the Eskimos made so when the boys were sleeping the town kids threw snowballs at them so they couldn’t sleep. This quote significance tells me this basketball game is like a war between these villages whoever wins is on top of the other village. That is what these basketball games mean to them sometimes.
“ Buzzer beater by Jeremy “
When Jeremy hit that buzzer the team was happy that they won on the road. Jeremy was glad he can do he’ s part for the team because that win they were tortured for day’s that game was very un- pleasant for fort Yukon. They were spit on .got snowballs thrown at them. This quote meaning is important because the little win a team have can be destroyed by hate and envy of the other teams lose.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

post a

Assumption (278): taking something for granted.
Waltzing (111): a dance in a triple rhythm danced by couples
"A team likes to walk the ball up the floor" this is imagery. When I hear that I see someone dribbling through the floor with a basketball. Imagery is everything that you can smell, taste, feel, touch, and see or anything you see in your head. “He took the shot with 10 seconds left on ten clock” this is another image. “Also it was cold and windy and -32 below zero” this is another image. Imagery is any series of words used to create a mental picture, or sensory experience s descriptive language that deals with any of the five senses (sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste.) s descriptive language that deals with any of the five senses (sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste.) imagery is everything that one can smell, taste, hear, touch, and see. Imagery also makes the reader feel and live the scene around them. Guided imagery involves a facilitator who provides suggestions by involving all five senses as part of descriptive language. Imagery is vivid figures of speech conveying mental pictures.” they all understand it's a whole different game", their coach Dave knows that have to mentally strong for this challenge they have to face. But their community and tribe is Right behind them. Basketball in Alaska means a lot to these kids, in Alaska basketball is not just a game it's a way of life fore these people in Alaska. On emerging theme is that the will win more games and their journey has just started. One emerging theme is the will go to the state tournament and come in third. And matt will go to university of Fairbanks.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

post b take flight(part 2)

"To Dave, beyond everything else, basketball is all about tempo and pace".
The author is talking about how the coach operates. The coach said defense is the key to their Win's. This coach is respected in the community because he cares more about his player's then basketball. He always says school is number one basketball will be their for only a while that is why this quote is confident. It tells kids to be active in school more then basketball or any other curriculum. This is a very important coach who cares about his team academically and athletically.
"Six two in fort Yukon makes you a center"
Despite the height other schools have against fort Yukon. Their basketball program is on top, ranked 1 in the state 1a pool. Despite that they try hard on their desks and the hardwood,
"Traveling in the season"

While most high school teams travel by bus, the Eagles often rely on chartered planes, puddle-jumpers that are difficult to afford, given that the team's expenditures dwarf its state-appropriated budget. But the team scratches and scrimps, and the townsfolk chip in whenever they can, which is amazing, considering that the average Native Alaskan per-capital annual income hovers around $9,000.
The cost is heavily on a player to support it is hard for others as well. School Principal Doc Lantz spends $1,100 buying the team new shoes, but withholds certain players' goods until grades are brought up to par. Over the years, the graduation rate for coach Bridges' players (95 percent) easily trumps the abysmal school average (37 percent), but on a day-to-day basis, academic eligibility is a chief concern. Half of the team fails to meet weekly eligibility requirements before its first road trip, so only seven players make the 1,500-mile trip to the Gulf of Alaska for the Nenana Invitational Tournament. That is why I choose this quote it tells about the cost and the hardship it takes to put a team on the floor to play basketball.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

POST A the return

Atrociously (104): extremely or shocking, wicked or cruel.
Improvisational (106): something improved, telling someone to do something
" The court was so short there was no room for a three point line"
This is imagery: is any series of words that create a picture, or sensory experience in your head. “The place was winter as snow white” this is another image in my head I can see it perfectly. “The shack was brown and warm” this is another imagery. It describes the arena their playing in looks like. Imagery is also the term used to refer to the making (or re-creation) of any experience in the mind — auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory, gustatory, kinesthetic, and organic. It is a cognitive process employed by most, if not all, humans. When thinking about a previous or upcoming event, people commonly use imagery. For example, one may ask, "What color are your living room walls?" Using imagery commonly retrieves the answer to this question. One theme emerging is that their basketball program is skyrocketing and every payer is trying hard, their coach Dave is really dedicated to this team and make ends meet. Also this image tells me what is happening and what's next also it tells the reader that how the author describes the place, he is referring to like the "basketball court". It tells that it is so short that no one could shoot a three pointer that gives my brain an image of how it looks like. I see an old building and a small court where no one can shoot period that’s what I see in my head. Another immerging theme is josh cadzow would put a shotgun in his truck for the wolves everyone is talking about.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

post b the start of begining of a good book

"not enough eligible players"
this qute is signifence is that some kids dont want to play basketball for fort youkon this year but doc managed to change things around and got enough people to play. that show's his comitement to this schools programs. if not for basketball this kid's would fail and flunk out of school." fort youkon will spent 20,000 this year for their basketball not uncommon for basketball games in this part of the state to end with one team fielding only three players, because two have fouled out. State championships have been won in the division of the smallest Alaska schools by teams that finished the title game with four players. They are the real-life "Hoosiers," legends of the Alaskan bush, which is defined as any school in a town that cannot be reached by car, places like Seldovia and Unalakleet.
All over Alaska, there are stories of such perseverance in extreme or unusual conditions. In the southeast, Haines did not have flat space in mountainous terrain, so it used the municipal airport runway for high school track meets. Which was suitable until an aircraft with engine trouble made an emergency landing on the eve of the 110-meter hurdles, wiping out half the school's hurdle supply. Undaunted, Haines started running meets on the state highway in front of the school. The local police halted traffic to allow the events to continue.because of some of this weather teams start thier games on february because of they cold conditons

post a the begining

Enzymes: Enzymes bind temporarily to one or more of the reactants of the reaction they catalyze. In doing so, they lower the amount of activation energy
Gwich’in Eskimo tribe in southern Alaska
When the writer said that wade field's dint care for school basketball. But got his grades up in the first quarter and manage to play. This is an example of verbal irony. Verbal irony is distinguished from related phenomena such as situational irony and dramatic irony in that speakers produce it intentionally. For instance, if a speaker exclaims, “I’m not upset!” but reveals an upset emotional state through her voice while truly trying to claim she's not upset, it would not be verbal irony just by virtue of its verbal manifestation. Also Tim said the something but got his grades up and managed to play this is another example of verbal irony.” josh said he love to play ball more than dogsleding”but when he had a race he missed one of his games so he can win a dogsleding”but championship. this is another example of verbal irony. (57)"local natives Americans go to counseling and help for addictions like drugs and liquor". I think that drug's in the villages are common young adult are doing it and it hard for kid's to stop because of the pear presure.alcohol was identified as being a leading cause of death among Alaska Natives. The Alaska Native suicide rate, which did not significantly differ from nationwide averages throughout the 1950's, began to take a dramatic turn upwards. Other indicators of serious social and behavioral health breakdown--e.g. Assault, murder, sexual crimes including those against children, avoidable accidents, and psychological depression--began to multiply throughout the 1960's and 1970's. As with Native suicides, these anti-social behaviors and conditions were, by and large, directly related to the use and abuse of alcohol. These trends all of this is a nation survey of drug use in Alaska. That is why this quote is significance. I think the emerging theme is they will help each other in their grades and will keep wining their games. Another emerging theme is the team will go to a tournament but some wont make it because of their grades.