Tuesday, December 4, 2007

post b the start of begining of a good book

"not enough eligible players"
this qute is signifence is that some kids dont want to play basketball for fort youkon this year but doc managed to change things around and got enough people to play. that show's his comitement to this schools programs. if not for basketball this kid's would fail and flunk out of school." fort youkon will spent 20,000 this year for their basketball team.is not uncommon for basketball games in this part of the state to end with one team fielding only three players, because two have fouled out. State championships have been won in the division of the smallest Alaska schools by teams that finished the title game with four players. They are the real-life "Hoosiers," legends of the Alaskan bush, which is defined as any school in a town that cannot be reached by car, places like Seldovia and Unalakleet.
All over Alaska, there are stories of such perseverance in extreme or unusual conditions. In the southeast, Haines did not have flat space in mountainous terrain, so it used the municipal airport runway for high school track meets. Which was suitable until an aircraft with engine trouble made an emergency landing on the eve of the 110-meter hurdles, wiping out half the school's hurdle supply. Undaunted, Haines started running meets on the state highway in front of the school. The local police halted traffic to allow the events to continue.because of some of this weather teams start thier games on february because of they cold conditons

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