Wednesday, November 28, 2007

post b part 2

‘’we’ve never gotten along,’’ ‘’ Paul says of the Indian and the Eskimos.
The author is describing the tension between Indian and the Eskimos. The differences is
Their difference lies in the land they inhabit. Other than that, both are from the mongoloid races of Asia where they expanded their exploration into this continent when the Bering Straight was still above water, ages ago.
A prevailing view in North American anthropology is that Eskimos are descendants of the most recent migrants from Siberia and are more closely related to Asiatic Mongoloids than to Indians. The assumption of Eskimo-Indian biological distinctiveness is challenged by genetic-marker and cranial data, analyzed separately and then compared, for populations from the Arctic, Sub arctic, Northwest Coast, and Great Plains.
Put another star on the flag, make Iraq the fifty first state and start sucking oil out and ‘’under their sand like they’ve done it with us from under our snow?’‘The way he sees it, big corporation are making money from their pipelines and taking their oil and making money out of it. The Indians don’t get anything in return, they use their land and mess it up kill animal’s that live in the nearby area and all habitats that live in Alaska. The also criticized bush decision to go to war in Iraq. they also get money every year from the ANCSA a deal which that signing over the rights for oil companies to drill and build pipelines on what had been native land in return they get one billion dollars and forty million acres of wilderness.

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