Tuesday, November 20, 2007

new book take 1

Post a.
Glutinous: several muscles of the buttocks (20)
Diaphanous: transparency or lucent (23)
‘’ He’s quick as any player bridges has ever coached’ I thing he is saying that wade fields just doesn’t care for what his coach think but his coach’s basketball program. Changed how the character viewed school so this is cosmic irony is when a higher being or force interferes in a character’s life, creating ironic settings. Also when the don’t do their homework their coach interferes also this is irony. When the book says “small hardwood floor no room for a three point line” this is imagery it sets a picture in my head.
Post b.“If it wasn’t for basketball, they wouldn’t even be going to school anymore (26) “If not for basketball this kid’s wouldn’t care they all would drop out, I think that is sad and also they have no regard’s for people older then them.’’ He found out today he’ll be taking the SAT next month’’ .for some of these kid’s want to go to college but the rest really don’t care where they go, I saw that very special and changed my point of view of this characters. Now I now that not all of them care about college, matt really want to go to college in Alaska. These kids really change their ethics when basketball season started for some the dint care but the rest do. They might want to go to college. Their aspects change tank’s to their coach Dave he rely cares about this kid's and their future.

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