Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Diphtheria (37): febrile infectious disease caused by a specific bacillus and characterized. By the formation of false membrane in the air passages.
Unconscious (43): not aware of something.
“Used to tell them they must have done something seriously wrong to be stationed here “
This is historical irony when history is seen through modern eyes.
‘’ the black guys ‘’ the author meant the GIs taught them how to play basketball.” the mailbox money” this is historical irony the are talking about the money the Indians receive every month. For the land and the oil to be drilled here in Alaska. Also this year “Natasha would have been a starter but got pregnant and drooped out of school” this is irony of a situation is a discrepancy between the expected results and actual results when enlivened by 'perverse appropriateness'.
They worked at an air force base in fort Yukon Alaska all they did was play basketball and work. (39)
This book is very interesting and I like it very much. Deep in Alaska's bush country. The six hundred men, women and children who live there--almost all of them Athabascan Gwich'in Natives--have little to cheer for. Their traditional Indian ways of life are rapidly vanishing in the face of a modern culture that is closing in on all sides, threatening to destroy their community and their identity. This is many ways the American Indian are vanishing from their homeland and losing their culture and their way of life. But most of the glitch natives still live like their ancestors and follow their way of life.
One immerging theme is the team will round up their players and start the scrimmage and the will get new jerseys and shoes. Also their season will star and some kid’s will go on the journey but most will stay because of their grades and will not suit up.

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