Saturday, October 4, 2008

eagle eye

This weekend I watched eagle eye it was just released this weekend, I really enjoyed it, it was an action packed thriller, very great stunts lots of medium shots little dissolves. It started Shia LaBeouf as jerry Shaw who plays a twin whose brother died and now all of a sudden some one calls his phone and send’s huge amount of military good’s to his house, then the fbi detains him ask him tons of questions which he doesn’t now the answer to, then he get’s another call telling him to jump down the fbi building which he does then he rides they train. All of a sudden he get’s in this Porsche Cayman where he meet’s this girl named Rachel Holloman(Michelle monaghan).I don’t want to spoil the movie by telling you too much information all I can say is the movie is well played nice action packed drama for all audience of all age.


andy b. said...

This movie sounds pretty good. I don't really like Shia LaBouf very much but the movie seems alright. I liked how you included there was lots of medium shots so now I can kind of tell what the movie will look like.

Sadik said...

I haven't watched the movie but i heard it was good and i liked the way you explained it. i might go see it.