Sunday, October 7, 2007

week3part 2

I realy like this book i thing this book was awsome i realy enjoyed reading it it weakness was not ralating to wat was realy happening in the book. also not teling us more about the book and story' that changed his life for stongest point was relating to what's happening and how it started.nothing like this ever hapened to me in my life


Adam A. said...

Your "level of insight" doesn't seem to high, but Gordon Park's memoir sounds fairly straight forward. To contrast, you did a much better job with your post on The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, which is a more confusing book.

It sounds like Gordon Park had a very hard life, and thankfully racism is gone for the most part (not all the way, unfortunately). You got a lot bettr in your last couple posts.

Your blog is fairly easy to read, but it seems like every time you say "thing," you mean "think."

mary c a. said...

my post is not going to be anywhere near where adams is but i think this quote was well related to the book and i think you did a very good job! i did not read your paper but it looks long which is most likely a good thing! love mary!